Prawn Knickers

Do prawns have knickers?
I wonder if they do!
The question I would put is:
Would they be pink or would they blue?

I suppose when they are cold
The answer must be blue
The chillier the water
The darker the hue!

But of course they are nosy
Which leads to the cooking pot
The knickers change to pink
When the prawns get hot.

The Nightwatchman or The Heron on the Lake

He visits the lake
At the close of day
Gliding confidently but low
Like a land-locked albatross

Suddenly he stops
Folding his huge wings
Peering like an old man
With the sharpest of eyes

We’ve seen him stand
Stock still for hours
Those gleaming, intelligent eyes
Just watch and wait…

Born from Fire

This island rose from the deepest depths
Released by a reluctant sea
With all guns blazing
The land pushed itself free
But now it is staid and very tame
But the sea has not forgotten
As the waves break; anger not assuaged
You can almost hear the whisper
“I want you back
You will come back
One day.”

Wash Day Greens

My husband’s just washed my knickers
I can’t believe what I’ve seen
What used to be pure white
Is now a dark shade of green!


I remember a time when the world was divine
Everything in it was mine
The world was there for my taking
A new dawn was breaking

The days just floated past
Just like summer they didn’t last
And now evening
Has come at last

And now the world is old
And too much for the soul
I’m in a foreign land
Which I can’t understand

So young people believe me
Your youth won’t last forever
Make it your quest
To do your best
To make your life blessed


I’ve always been seeker
and hopefully a speaker
Of the truth
In my callow youth
I thought I knew
Exactly what truth could do
But I hadn’t got a clue!

For truth has a power
It can change and cower
anywhere it chooses
It can be cruel
For it’s unvarnished as a rule
Be careful what you say
It could haunt you one day!

Here’s my view
truth is a shadowy creature
That twists and turns
With whoever is speaking
it is not careful or considerate
But sometimes it has to be told


It’s a cold, frosty night
When sensible people take flight
And you might get a fright
For tonight is Halloween
When things are not what they seem

To tell you the truth I’ve never been sure
about witches, ghouls and more
Running around our streets
Hoping to meet
People like me

But, just to be sure
I’m locking all of my doors
Refusing to look out
Until the night turns to light


I sit in this chair
I wonder: is there anybody there?
I let out a silent scream
That everyone can see
But nobody talks to me

Do you know how lonely I feels
In a room where nobody speaks?
I know I can’t communicate very well
But, on that I, really don’t wantI to dwell

But please I beg you to speak
if only you get a small squeak
I can’t help speaking so softly
on a room buzzing with life
Imagine it was you deprived

I hope.that you will read the above
And remember if it happens to
someone you love
It’s hard to see confidence die
before your eyes
And suddenly you don’t feel so wise


Hello, old friend
So lovely to see you again
It’s been so many years
Since I’ve seen you, my dear
The years just rolled away
Leaving thoughts of younger days.

Life hasn’t been as good as it could
It seems to have taken away more than it should
Leaving a kind of emptiness, which remains.
But you smile through the pain
And life hasn’t and will never beat you
No, it has strengthened you, anew


Love is not a small thing
Too little to understand
Nor is it something you can hold
In the palm of your hand

Love is life and the world entwined
Love for fellow Man is truly divine
The fuel that turns the world around

Search the world over
and the rest of your life
Searching dark corners
Desperate for the sight
But you won’t find it
Unless it wants to be found

You may feel it in the wind
It may touch you in the breeze
Looking in the mirror
If love is reflected in your eyes
Then is passed on with a smile
And no longer hides

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