Hello, old friend
So lovely to see you again
It’s been so many years
Since I’ve seen you, my dear
The years just rolled away
Leaving thoughts of younger days.

Life hasn’t been as good as it could
It seems to have taken away more than it should
Leaving a kind of emptiness, which remains.
But you smile through the pain
And life hasn’t and will never beat you
No, it has strengthened you, anew



Love is not a small thing
Too little to understand
Nor is it something you can hold
In the palm of your hand

Love is life and the world entwined
Love for fellow Man is truly divine
The fuel that turns the world around

Search the world over
and the rest of your life
Searching dark corners
Desperate for the sight
But you won’t find it
Unless it wants to be found

You may feel it in the wind
It may touch you in the breeze
Looking in the mirror
If love is reflected in your eyes
Then is passed on with a smile
And no longer hides

A Cautionally Tale!

We have rented an allotment
Conveniently located at the end
Of our housing row
We dig it and the veg grows
But the soil is very lumpy
And when dry is like concrete mixed with glue
And a quagmire when wet
We both readily agreed
That compost was te thing we needed

The next day I ordered 10 bags
Thinking we could to each part drag
When delivery day finally came
(and yes, it started to rain)
There was no sign of a bag
Just a lorry load filled with muck
The driver proceeded to dump it on the lane
There was loads of it


Sitting aloof in your ivory towers
Randomly pressing your power
Do you think about the grief you cause?
Well I think you ought to see
What you have done to me

With that swish of your pen
Independence you took away
My life is in disarray
Punished, innocent of crime
But I’ll admit the fault is mine
I should not have rung your line

I should not have put my trust in you
You haven’t got a clue
What Parkinson’s can do

Then you declare
You have a duty of care
To others, but you have a
Duty to me too
I think that has slipped your mind.

One Day

One day you’ll be old
Walking with stiffened bones
Where did my life go?

One day you’ll sit in and watch television
Your house will become your prison
With the phone silent; never ringing
For nobody has the time to listen

When that day comes, think of me
Walking stiff and awkwardly
For I am like that now
One day you will see.


I love the sound of waves crashing on the sand
It sends me off to sleepy land
Sitting in the summer sun
Contented, complete where I am.

Before that I paddled in the sea
Refreshed I walked along the shore
The cool water washed my cares away
As well as my sins to build up for another day

An afternoon spent by the sea
That’s the life for me!


The crying of a newborn babe
Sets angel voices singing
It’s only then you realise
The changes they will be bringing

You will tell them you love them every single day
Come what may
The little faces full of trust
You must remember to hand them back
(Yes, you must!)

Your grandchild is your past, present and future
Remember they carry you hopes and dreams


I’ve often wondered what an angel looks like
And now I realise it’s you
All the things that you do
For Steve and for me
With love, coming free

You’ve been wonderful to me
Wherever I maybe
So thnk you Angel Anna
For all you’ve done for me


Tell me, Martin
What changed your mind?
What made you leave the IRA behind?
Was it the eyes?
Filled with agonised cries?

Or did God really talk to you
Did he tell you exactly what to do?
In the later days, you knew you were dying
Were you also lying?

It’s hard to know
Were you friend or foe?

The Canal Trip

Sailing along at a snails pace
Taking time away from the rat race
If only for one day
That’s what we did today

With 12 wonderful people
And 4 wonderful crew
Who looked after us so well
There was nothing else to do
(Plus Treacle. A really good dog
Who sat so royally like a golden-eyed god.)

It was so peaceful
Each mile saw troubles fly away
As we sailed between the banks of
The Avon and Kennet Canal

I felt like a Queen
Standing, as I did on the bow
The waterway seemed older than it is now
Reminding me of older times
When the pace of life seemed slower

I got off to move the lock gates
At the second to last stop
How I wish we could have gone on forever
Never looking back

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